Aftermath of wind storm finds neighbors helping neighbors

By Steve Ohnesorge, WBTV   
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For a lot of folks around Louisville, Tuesday is going to be another night of roughing it in their own home. Electricity is still a precious commodity in many neighborhoods. But what we found is an even more precious commodity - the friendship of neighbors in the middle of a crisis. Steve Ohnesorge from our sister station, WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina reports from St. Matthews.

Twisted power poles and hanging lines mean another night in the dark for many. Donny Goodman says it's like camping out every night, but he is not totally in the dark thanks to an extension cord and just enough juice to make things comfortable.

"We got lights we got cold milk and cold beer," said Goodman.

It's everything a family needs thanks to their friendly neighbors.

Where Goodman's live, people one side of the street have power. On the other side, they don't. But there are at least a dozen extension cords crossing that divide.

Down the road a bit further, no one has power, but Ron and Candy Biddle do have a generator. It's enough power for their TV's, the refrigerator and a crock pot that is cooking away.

"Long as the power holds out, we'll have dinner to tonight," said Candy Biddle. 

There is more power than they need, so the Biddle's are sharing with four other homes. It's no big deal says Ron because it's what neighbors do.

"When times are tough, you just pull together," Ron said.

Pulling together is something the Biddle's and their neighbors have some experience in. Four years ago, their neighborhood was without power in the middle of July for a week. They got through it just fine then and are sure they'll get through it this time too.

Joe Heil says they still have their homes and still have each other. That is what's important.

"Could be a lot worse," says Joe.

And it will only get better when everything gets fixed.

There are many residents without power who are getting help from neighbors. All the information you need to know is here on Just click the highlighted link: Storm Info.