Restoration of power brings a return to normal life

By Andrew Douglas, WMC-TV, Memphis 
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For the thousands of people still without power, we know it can be frustrating. For the fortunate ones that have had power restored, the moment it comes on can be exhilarating. Reporter Andrew Douglas caught up some who say the lights came on at just the right time.

Power crews are reaching new heights in Kentuckiana, not only by restoring power lines but elevating the excitement of electricity.

"We were just elated," said Mark Steimmel. "I flipped every light switch in the house 30-40 times going in and out of rooms."

Mark has been struggling to survive. He had a liver transplant 3 weeks ago and had been home just one day when the storm hit.

"You don't realize what you miss until it's gone," Mark said.

6 days later, the lights are back on and his care is much more convenient. Mark said he was able to wash his face and that felt great. What wasn't so great was the lack of electricity at Dairy Mart gas station. No power meant spoiled food and a loss of about $6,000 a day in business. Without power -- the store also became a target for thieves.

"Somebody was trying to pull the railing off the window over there," said Dairy Mart's Vivian Robertson. But the owner slept inside and called police before the would-be crook could get in.

With the power back on, the routine is back as well.

"I've got a second chance at life with a new liver and no little storm like this is going to hold me down," said Mark.

When power crews arrive in these neighborhoods, they are greeted with the same kind of excitement as an ice cream truck near a playground full of children. It doesn't matter if its homes or businesses, life is returning to normal one street at a time.