Too Many Personal Forecast Emails?

WAVE 3 sends two (2) Personal Forecast emails per day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both of these emails are reminders for you to check your Personal Forecast web page, .

You get the Hour by Hour Forecast for the location you specified when signing up on this page.

If you feel you get too many emails from Personal Forecast, you have complete control over how many you receive.

To adjust your settings for email, Log on to your Personal Forecast web page,

Then click on the Email weather updates link. (See Below Image)

Daily Email Settings
After clicking on the Settings button, you will see a screen similar to the one below...

Select one or both versions of the emails you wish and the type, either HTML format or plain-text. By default, both are selected when signing up.

Severe Weather Email Settings
Automatically, you also get email warnings of specific Severe Weather conditions. You can change those settings as shown in the image below...

You can change the type of Severe Weather conditions for which you will receive warnings, as well as for which counties in the WAVE 3 viewing area. See the image below.