Best items to shop for at dollar stores

The 5 Best Deals
Dollar Stores are all over town. Not everything is a deal. We did some investigating and found the top five deals.

  1. Cleaning Supplies: Look for products like laundry detergent and liquid drain opener. You may not recognize the names but that's OK. The Good Housekeeping Institute says most dollar store cleaning products have the exact same ingredients as name brands - although some might be more diluted.

  2. Wrapping Supplies: Those colorful bags, bows and wrapping paper are discounted up to 80%. A great way to save this holiday season.

  3. Candy and Snacks: Again, you may not find familiar names, but many of the items are deeply discounted and just as good.

  4. Hair Care Products: Hair care experts say most shampoos will clean your hair just fine. There are only minor differences in a brand's ingredients and concentration.

  5. Kitchen Supplies: Basically anything without a blade is a dollar store deal that could save you up to 95%!