Save money by making fewer shopping trips

The Sunrise team is working to save you money. If you are a "Type A" person - a planner and an organizer - you can take these tips to the bank.

This first tip will save you time and money. Instead of hitting the grocery store a couple times a week,  plan your meals for the entire week and make one stop. That could save you a few gallons of gas and money on splurge items.

Our savvy shopper points out, "A lot of people will go to the grocery store three and four times a week. So if you're spending ten bucks extra on impulse purchases that's an extra 30 - 40 bucks a week."

Next tip: take a cue from UPS and cut out left turns. You will definitely have to pre-think your errands, but left turns mean more waiting at corners and lights and that wastes gas.

The third money saving tip may be the easiest idea of all: shop at home. Most retailers offer the same sales online. If you do have to pay for shipping - it might not cost you more than a few trips to the mall.

But with the holidays coming up, many retailers will offer free shipping. Keep an eye on their websites or sign up for their emails. Many will send special offers to your in box. Altogether these tips could save you $10 a week - and that's $500 a year. You can take that to the bank!