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Duct Before Cleaning
Duct Before Cleaning
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Duct After Cleaning

HVAC Systems are ideal pathways to spread pollutants throughout a facility. Molds, bacteria, dust, dirt, construction debris, insulation fibers are just some of the environmental contaminants that an HVAC System can introduce into a building. These environmental contaminants can lead to a myriad of problems, including but not limited to:

Increasing the potential for long-term and short-term health problems.
Reductions in productivity, resulting from increases in discomfort, sickness, and absenteeism.
Increasing the likelihood of litigation.
Reduce energy efficiency, in the form of reduced airflow.
Increase the likelihood of mechanical defects in the HVAC System.
Increasing the risk of infection for patients with weaken immune systems, in healthcare settings.

As a Certified member of The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Rutledge Environmental Services has the training and expertise to manage your HVAC Systems Cleaning Projects. By only performing commercial projects, Rutledge Environmental Services' Project Managers and Technicians are uniquely qualified to perform work in commercial facilities. They are all trained in OSHA Safety Guidelines, and are familiar with all the various components of commercial HVAC Systems, and the techniques required in rendering the systems clean, as per NADCA Guidelines.

Our extensive experience working in hospitals, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, and governmental facilities will make the HVAC Systems Cleaning process run smoothly for our client. We know how demanding the life of a facility manager is, and our goal is to make his or her life easier, not more difficult. As with everything we do at Rutledge Environmental Services, our objective is always to strive for excellence.

So look no further for the right contractor to clean your facility's HVAC Systems. REMEMBER, having an HVAC System cleaned incorrectly will make matters worse not better. So have it done right the first time and contact Rutledge Environmental Services today!