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911 tapes from day PRP player collapsed are released

Max Gilpin (Photo courtesy: prpfootball,com) Max Gilpin (Photo courtesy: prpfootball,com)
Jason Stinson Jason Stinson

By Scott Reynolds - bio | email
Posted by Charles Gazaway - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - One day after a Pleasure Ridge Park football coach was indicted for reckless homicide in the death of a player, new information is released.

15-year old Max Gilpin collapsed at practice on August 20, 2008 and died three days later. Doctors say his death was heat related. His head football coach, Jason Stinson, is facing reckless homicide charges in his death.

Friday, lawyers for Gilpin's parents released the 911 tapes from the day Max collapsed. The following is a transcript of that call.

911: "911 Operator Brian. Where's your emergency?"

Steve Deacon, PRP coach: "Yes this is an emergency. I'm a coach over at Pleasure Ridge Park High School and I have a football player that needs an ambulance." 

911: "Are you at the school now?"

Deacon: "Yeah I'm at the school now back by the baseball field. If they came straight back they'd have to make a you know back by the right where the..."

911: "And you're calling from (numbers edited from tape provided)?"

Deacon: "Yeah that's my cell number"

911: "Your name?"

Deacon: "My name is coach Steve Deacon. D - E - A - C - O - N."

911: "OK and this is 5901 Greenwood Road?"

Deacon: "Uh Huh."

911: "OK what's the problem? Tell me exactly what happened."

Deacon: "Uh, he's just overheated and we've got water on him. He's responsive and he's got a big rapid pulse, but..."

911: "Are you with him right now?"

Deacon: "Yes. I'm trying to control his breathing. I've got several adults helping me and then I have his dad here as well."

911: "How old is he sir?"

Deacon: "Uh, he's 15."

911: "Is he conscious?"

Deacon: "Yes"

911: "Is he breathing?"

Deacon: "Yes, he's breathing. Yeah, he's going kinda of going in and out on us though."

911: "Is he completely awake?"

Deacon: "Uh, he keeps going ... yeah he's awake. We're trying to get him to open his eyes right now. He's got a rapid pulse."

911: "Give me one second"

Background noise from Deacon's phone: "Come on get them eyes open. Keep them eyes open. There you go. Get them eyes all the way up. Get them eyes open. There you go."

911: "Give me one second sir. I'm updating the paramedics right now"

911: "OK sir does he have any history of heart problems?"

Deacon: "Uh no."

911: "Does he have any change in his skin color?"

Deacon: "Uh, no. He's a little white"

911: "I'm sorry"

Deacon: "He's a little white"

911: "OK. Now I want you to touch his skin and I want you to tell me what his skin temperature is. Is it hotter than normal, normal or colder than normal?"

Deacon: "Uh, it's probably normal, but we've got water going on him right now."

911: "OK sir. We're sending the paramedics out right now, but I want you to stay on line because I'm going to tell you exactly what you need to do OK?"

Deacon: "OK"

911: "For heat exposure you need to remove him from any sources of heat."

Deacon: "OK."

911: "You need remove his outer clothing."

Deacon: "OK."

911: "Apply cool water to the entire skin surface while fanning."

Deacon: "OK."

911: "And turn on an air conditioner or fan if you have one."

Deacon: "We're outside. We've got some wind a little bit."

911: "Reassure him that help is on the way. Please do not let him have anything to eat or drink because it could make him sick or cause problems for the doctor."

Deacon: "OK."

911: "He needs to rest in a comfortable position and wait for help to arrive."

Deacon: "OK."

911: "I want you to watch him very closely. Please have someone watching to meet the paramedics and if he should get worse in any way call me back immediately for further instructions. Now you said you are back by the baseball field?"

Deacon: "Yes. Yeah well we need to get some people out there so they can find out where we are."

911; "OK. Have you removed his outer clothing sir?"

Deacon: "Yes we have."

911: "Socks, shoes, everything?"

Deacon: "Yep, everything."

911: "OK sir, they've already been dispatched out and they're coming from Dixie and Gagel. OK?"

Deacon: "OK. Thank you."

911: "Thank you."

Deacon: "OK. Bye."

A Jefferson County grand jury indicted Stinson Thursday. He will be arraigned in Jefferson Circuit Court Monday afternoon.

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