Impress potential home buyers without breaking your budget

For many folks the tough economy and housing crisis means they just can't unload their home. However, there are some simple tips and tricks to impress potential buyers without breaking your budget.

Designer Robyn Menter say's start with paint. "With a $10 or $12 can of paint, you can get a lot of bang for your buck."

Also, when painting a room, consider light colors. Speaking of lighting, it can make a huge difference when selling a home. According to Menter, you can buy inexpensive track heads and use low voltage lighting and get a great effect.

Inexpensive posters can also be a nice edition. Storage is huge as well. "There are creative ways to use what you have and outfit it to make it work in a more functional manner for you," Menter said.

You can also add inexpensive frosted doors to hide clutter. Adjustable blinds maximize natural light, which also adds value.

Robin says following those five simple steps will mean money in your pocket when the housing market turns around.