Buying in bulk not always cost-effective

We're all trying to save money where we can. But sometimes when we tighten up on our dollars, our belts feel the pinch. Today's Sunrise Saves You Money tip takes us into the grocery for some healthy and economical shopping.

Shoppers have been zoning in on the frozen food and canned food aisles to save money. But sometimes those foods come at a cost - they are full of sodium and preservatives.

"We're definitely buying more of the things like macaroni and cheese and things like that and a lot of it is because I have two small kids and fruit and vegetables go bad in the refrigerator by the time I get around to all of them," says one shopper.

But dieticians say there are ways to have a healthy diet on a budget and you usually only have to change a few things. If you really can't help passing up those ten items for $10 deals, go ahead and grab them and then make them nutritious.

"Buying something like Ramen Noodles is absolutely fine," said one dietician. "Just make sure you are adding a vegetable and a lean meat to make it a well balanced meal."

It is also important to buy only as much as you can eat.

"So make sure when you are buying in bulk that you're not only considering the economic value but also looking at your own family. Is it going to get consumed? Because if you're throwing it out, it's not more economical to buy it in bulk."