Elevator problems continue at public housing high rise

Elevator issues persist at public housing high rise for seniors

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Frustrations continue to go up and down for residents at a public housing high rise building for seniors because of problems with the elevators.

There was another glitch with the only operating elevator at St. Catherine Court causing it to be out of service twice on Monday. The outage was only for a few hours and has been resolved, according to Louisville Metro Housing Authority officials.

On Tuesday, WAVE 3 News went by the high rise located at the southwest corner of Fourth and St. Catherine Streets, and one elevator is working. The elevators are critical for residents who are seniors and disabled.

WAVE 3 News first reported the elevator issues in late August when the only two elevators were both out of service.

While one of the elevators was fixed, the other is still out of service.

“It is unfortunate that we’ve experienced back to back repetitive issues with the elevators,” Wavid Wray, the deputy executive director for financial services at Louisville Metro Housing Authority, said. “It’s unfortunate, particularly at a time when one elevator was already down.”

While one elevator is back on track, Wray said a part to fix the other elevator has to be manufactured. They expect that elevator to be functional early next week (Sept. 10-12).

A part must be manufactured to fix the broken elevator.
A part must be manufactured to fix the broken elevator. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

“We immediately put in a service order and found out today (Tuesday) that the ship date for that part is September 10th,” Wray said. "Once that elevator part arrives it will be one to two days installing that and that elevator will be functional.”

When asked whose district the building is in, Metro Council President David James said he’s frustrated with the housing authority.

“It’s an unacceptable situation for them to be in," James said. "It’s not a safe situation for them to be in.”

The housing authority said they realize that and that’s why they say they took steps to get the elevators fixed.

“The housing authority board went and procured a contract from Abel elevators for $200,000 in order to repair both elevators,” James said.

Elevators that these residents depend on just like they do the housing authority.

“They depend on the housing authority quite a bit,” Wray said. “We want to make sure we meet those expectations.”

The building has 15 floors and 159 units.

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