Louisville first responders honored on 9/11

Volunteers honor Louisville first responders on anniversary of 9/11

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - September 11. A day to never forget.

Seven years ago today, nearly 3,000 people died and 6,000 were injured.

It's also the single deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers in the history of the United States.

Today, 200 boxed lunches were delivered to Louisville area first responders by the group Muslim Americans for Compassion.

"This is a very, very tiny gesture to say we care about them too. And we appreciate what they do for all of us,” Rena Latif, of Muslim Americans for Compassion, said.

They said 9/11 was an attack on America and their Islamic faith.

"We want to make sure our fellow countrymen see us as they see themselves, rather than being from another country of another planet,” Dr. Muhammad Babar, the President of Muslim Americans for Compassion, said. “Our faith was hijacked by terrorists on 9/11 and since then, unfortunately, 1.6 billion Muslims across the globe are seen through the lens of extremists and terrorists.”

The group stopped at several locations, including the Emergency Operations Center on South 5th Street.

"It really helps our people to see that they’re thanked and very much appreciated,” Jody Meiman, with Louisville Metro Emergency Services, said.

Mayor Greg Fischer accompanied the group.

"Everyone remembers where they were. How they felt. So it’s important that every year we say thank you to our first responders,” Mayor Fischer said.

At the Salvation Army headquarters, they partnered with Western and Southern Life Insurance to offer first responders a hot meal from Mission Bar-b-que. Helping serve were students from nearby Jacob Elementary School.

"Maybe they weren’t in New York City when the Twin Towers were hit, but we do understand that they protect and serve without discrimination here every day in Louisville,” Lt. Mark Cancia, of the Salvation Army, said.

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