Make it a Goode Morning 9.11.18

Make it a Goode Morning

Most of the next few days will be quiet and dry.

Our only real main challenge will be morning fog and cloud cover.

NOW-FRIDAY: Stalled front to our east will help feel a wave of moisture from Louisiana NE into the eastern Ohio Valley. This will allow for clouds to stream well in advance the next few days. Still some decent sun breaks mixed in. The rain chance looks quite low, and mainly east. This could still get adjusted once we get to each day and get a better handle on how much moisture is there for some downpours. At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be much.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY: Heating up. Temperatures well into the 80s if not 90 degrees. The issue here will be the amount of high clouds from Florence to our west. It will be a tropical depression by this stage. This looks to be a large system so the cloud shield could extend fairly far out. Sunday looks to be more of a higher level overcast sky than Saturday. It appears the rain from Florence would still remain just east of WAVE Country Sunday.

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY: Now we are getting to nearly a week away. Signs are there that the leftovers of Florence would track west before sensing a cold front near Illinois...and then jolting back east. Our challenge here is just how far west will it track before that turn? The overnight data trends say near I-65. But given we need to get this thing on land first to really nail that down, many more changes to the forecast for this period are coming. Good or bad. So stay closed to the updates!!!

Make it a Goode Morning!

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