Make it a Goode Morning! 9.12.18

Make it a Goode Morning

Main focus will be on Florence.

It now appears any influence from that system would be next week. Sunday at the earliest.

Until then, we will battle waves of clouds but mainly dry and warm pattern ahead into the weekend.

As far as next week: The steering flow is quite weak once Florence makes landfall. There is a front to our northwest and high pressure to our east that will at least bump it into a certainly direction. The question is which one?

As of now, the trend is to take the leftovers into eastern KY by early next week before getting pushed east. There will be some decent rain with this so we will need to trend this carefully given our wet ground. The western side of the rain “blob” will have a sharp cutoff, so this looks to be a setup where some could get 2-3″ of rain and some not a drop.

Stay close to the forecast changes as we need to really wait until this makes landfall to get a higher confidence setup on our impacts.

Today’s video will explain all of this better :)

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