UofL RB Jeremy Smith returns to football after becoming a father

UofL RB Jeremy Smith returns to football after becoming a father
UofL RB Jeremy Smith (Source: Annie Moore)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - In Jeremy Smith’s first days of parenthood, his days on the football field were unknown. But Smith is back on the field at Louisville, and ready to make his lasting impression.

“The past couple of months I had some off-field responsibilities, I may say, that I had to get in line,” Smith said. “So once I had that in line, I was cleared up to reevaluate my life and come back to football.”

That off-field responsibility was the birth of his son in May of this year. Smith says the arrival of his son meant figuring out how to balance having a relationship with him, while continuing his playing career.

“This off-season I had a child, I had a little son,” Smith said. "When me and his mother basically squared everything away, he’s good, he’s at the point now where he can kind of.. well she can kind of manage things on her own with the help of family. Now it seems like the time that I can go out and do what I need to do with my life, and still have a relationship with him.

Smith says the birth of his son helped him pause to reflect before taking action.

“It kind of slowed me down, brought me down to earth a little bit”, Smith said. “I’m not head-first with everything, I think things through a little bit.”

Now that he’s back with the Cardinals, he’s focused on being a leader in the locker room and setting his own standard.

“I envision myself as an every-down back,” Smith said. “I feel like.. I have the speed to break away from tackles, break off long runs, but also can be that grinder that’s up the middle fighting for hard, tough yards, and also block. Being on this team as a running back, you have to be able to do all three, run, catch and block."

Smith said it feels good to be back at Louisville to finish what he started.

“I left a lot of things as far as me-wise, un-said basically, I didn’t really set a landmark for myself when I was here. Now this is the time I can set a goal and set a standard for myself. I want to be a thousand-yard back, it’s something in my near future that I can probably accomplish.”

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