Firefighters dispatch released from night of taxi driver’s death in flash flood

Police, Louisville Fire, MetroSafe open investigations into death of taxi driver in flood

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Record-breaking rain overtook Louisville streets Saturday night.

The city got 3.84 inches, which overflowed drains and led to the death of a man.

Abdinasir Siyat was killed in a flash flood early Saturday morning.
Abdinasir Siyat was killed in a flash flood early Saturday morning.

MetroSafe guided fire crews from one location to the next during a night of non-stop 911 calls. They went from 26th Street, to Gaulbert, to Old Miller’s Lane, where crews saved lives.

But it was 13th and West Oak Streets where something went terribly wrong.

"Code 3 at 13th and Oak," one Louisville Firefighter can be heard over the airways.

Crews asked for backup when they found a taxi underwater and 40-year-old Abdinasir Siyat still inside.

“We just pulled one victim from a vehicle under the viaduct,” a firefighter is heard saying. “Go ahead and call the nearest Battalion Chief as well.”

The drowning event is prompting questions like who called 911 and when? Was Siyat still alive when crews got there and did first responders have his correct location?

Louisville Metro Police Department’s Homicide Unit is working to piece together the calls to build a timeline of the response, and get a clear picture of how the floodwaters claimed Siyat’s life.

And they aren’t the only ones with questions. Louisville Fire and MetroSafe are also investigating.

They are all working to find out if his death could have been prevented. LMPD’s investigative role is to determine if foul play was involved.

WAVE 3 News requested to hear the 911 call that brought emergency crews to Siyat’s location. However, that request has been put on hold while detectives work the case.

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