Husband and wife arrested following six-month drug dealing investigation

Wife, husband arrested following 6 month drug investigation

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A husband and wife have been arrested after a six-month investigation into drug dealing. Officers with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department arrested Jason and Amanda Greer Wednesday night at their home on the 9100 block of Henryville-Otisco Road in Otisco, Indiana.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office seized heroin, meth, weapons and thousands in cash. Sheriff Jamey Noel said Friday that the bust was the result of a months-long investigation into believed drug dealing by Greer out of the home.

Wednesday night, police came with a search warrant as part of a six-month drug investigation.

“We just saw the police lights and everything across the street. There were like two or three police cars and cops walking outside the house with flashlights and everything,” said one neighbor who lived nearby.

Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel said Jason Greer, believed to be the drug dealer, barricaded himself inside the home while his wife Amanda tried to hide drugs. Both were arrested.

Police seized seven grams of heroin, 137 grams of methamphetamine, guns, drug paraphernalia and $7,500 in cash inside the house.

The Clark County Sheriff's Office seized heroin, meth, weapons and $7,500 in cash.
The Clark County Sheriff's Office seized heroin, meth, weapons and $7,500 in cash. (Source: Clark County Sheriff's Office)

“While they were searching and retrieving evidence, one of our detectives was stuck with a dirty needle and had to receive immediate medical attention," Noel said. "Stopping the simple wound is not where the true heartache is. The heartache is going through the extensive testing to make sure you did not contract HIV, hepatitis, or any other blood borne disease from a dirty needle. And it’s a process.”

Some neighbors are relieved Greer is out of the home--they said they’d been reporting suspicious behavior at that home for months.

“It just seemed like everywhere we went, I would see him meeting somebody, so you just knew something was going on,” a neighbor said.

Sheriff Noel said law enforcement needs those community tips because heroin is dangerous--they need to get the drug and dealers off the streets.

“They almost always don’t use themselves. They’re preying on users, making money off of people who are using. What is bad is, when I talked to you about this case where someone overdosed off the drugs bought from this particular dealer and that’s heartbreaking,” Noel said.

“It makes me feel relieved, because, like I said, we had been seeing it go on for a while and it was scary because you never know what can go bad with something like that,” a neighbor said.

Amanda Greer has since bonded out of jail.

Jason Greer is still in the Clark County Jail. His sister told WAVE 3 news the family was blindsided by the arrest and what happened this week. She said they’re not planning to bond him out in hopes he’ll learn from this and be able to put together his life again after the arrest.

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