Master P meets with parents, leaders about education

Master P meets with parents, leaders about education
Master P met with parents and students at WAVE 3 News. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Entertainment mogul Master P met with parents and students Thursday night for a roundtable discussion about education at WAVE 3 News.

Master P, along with his friend Sean Collinson, talked with parents and education leaders about what needs to change to ensure students succeed.

Master P focuses on education to help Louisville youth

“Without the education, you’re going to make the wrong choices. I’ve been there, so I know," Master P said. "I lied to my parents and I did stuff that I know I shouldn’t be doing.”

Collinson, a family law mediator, emphasized the importance of talking to students about what they need.

“The one thing we can do for this country, and even for our youth, is to start a conversation,” Collinson said.

Parents and community leaders at the meeting talked about school choice, special education and how to make sure students are on the right track regardless of their lives outside the classroom.

Master P said he hopes Thursday’s discussion is a stepping stone for people to help local groups that are trying to make a difference.

“Imagine if they had the funds to go out there and help more kids," Master P said. "They’re only helping 18, 20, 80 kids. What if they could help 1,000 kids? 2,000? 10,000? Let’s give them the resources to do that.”

Master P is scheduled to meet with Kentucky’s Interim Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis and JCPS’s Superintendent Marty Pollio on Friday.

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