Controversial traffic stop leads to discussion of LMPD procedures

Questions about LMPD procedure raised by controversial traffic stop

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - While the Louisville Metro Police Department investigates the officer who pulled over the Rev. Kevin Cosby over the weekend, the video posted on Facebook is starting a conversation about policies and procedures.

A document outlining LMPD’s standard operating procedures explains how officers should treat traffic stops.

According to the procedures, officers should greet the violator and identify himself or herself by name. The officer should also explain why they are stopping the driver and ask if there is a legitimate reason for what they did.

“When I used to police, I used to let people know, sir, ma’am this is why I pulled you over. Nobody should have to ask, ‘Why did you pull me over,’” former LMPD officer Dr. Steven Kelsey said.

According to the LMPD procedures, the officer would ask where license, insurance and registration information is located before asking the driver to get them.

Police may ask a passenger for their identification as well.

“For one thing you don’t know who is in the car,” Kelsey said. “I did that as well. I want to know who is in the car and make sure no one has warrants. That’s policy.”

As a driver, you may ask the officer why you were stopped. You can also ask for the officer’s code number and name.

Kelsey said Cosby did the right thing by his behavior.

“You have to keep your composure because we never know what’s going to happen,” Kelsey said.

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