Making it a Goode Morning! 9.20.18

Make it a Goode Morning

One more really hot day before we start to shake things up.

That shake-up involves a cold front that will move in Friday night. As it gets closer Friday afternoon, clouds will start to fill in and a few t-storms may pop. This part is important is anything that can interrupt or stop the heating of the afternoon will help taper down the coverage/intensity of the thunderstorms with the front itself later in the evening.

But let’s say that doesn’t happen. I would then expect a line (likely broken) of thunderstorms roughly in the 7-11pm range to move with the front NW to SE. The severe threat is far from impressive but also non-zero. It appears just the wind thresholds would be at risk to trigger a warning, and that looks isolated and more for southern Indiana.

An Alert Day is out for the evening potential, but not necessarily for a low-end severe threat. It is mainly due to timing of area high school football games and lightning issues that may develop. I know that can certainly lead to delays. We will keep an eye on this and hopefully we can get some afternoon interruption to mess up any evening issues. We will keep you posted!

WEEKEND: Still a challenging forecast for Sat/Sun. Stalled fronts always do this to us. It does appear we will have more of a cloudy sky and northerly wind Saturday. This will allow for very little movement in temperatures from morning to afternoon along/north of I-64. Very October-ish.

The rain chance still looks higher south closer to the stalled front but even light rain or drizzle can’t be ruled out for the rest of us. Hopefully we will get more data today to help fine-tune these details more.

The front will wobble north a bit on Sunday which may increase the rain coverage a bit more. It will really jump north Monday as a warm front...bringing back warmer/more humid air. This will lead to off/on thunderstorms.

A strong cold front moves in Tuesday night/Wednesday with more thunderstorms THEN a good taste of autumn weather that weekend!

And it won’t be the only cool blast ahead. Details in the video!

Make it a Goode Morning!

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