NKY city employee wrote herself $5K in checks, docs show

Court records show she wrote letter of apology, offered to repay city of Fairview

NKY city employee wrote herself $5K in checks, docs show
A police investigation shows she stole $5,509.63 in 2017. (Source: WXIX/Kenton County)

KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - A city employee in northern Kentucky may be checking into a prison sentence that could last anywhere from one to five years.

Rhonda Halpin was indicted this week on abuse of public trust by a Kenton County Grand Jury, according to the county’s commonwealth attorney Rob Sanders. Halprin worked for the city of Fairview, which is located in Kenton County.

A criminal complaint states she “admitted to taking money from the city.” A police investigation shows she stole $5,509.63 in 2017.

The now ex-employee is accused of writing herself 14 checks with some as high as $900. She is also accused of using the city credit card, making purchases at Kroger, PayPal, and Time Warner. The criminal complaint reads: “Halprin took control of city assets by issuing herself city checks for money she was not entitled to.”

“Salary” or “internet reimbursement” is how the checks were marked according to the complaint. The first “suspect” check was issued Jan. 6, 2017 with the last one released Jan. 12 of this year, the complaint states.

Halprin contests the city approved three pay advances, but the complaint reads only one was approved, and that number is not reflected in the totals. In April she admitted to taking the money and told investigators it was due to “financial hardship.” She also said she “intended to make it right with the city later on.”

Court records state she wrote a letter of apology and offered to repay the city.

Halprin was arrested in May. Sanders said it was after an investigation by Kenton County Police Sgt. Christopher Pittaluga. He also said additional charges are still possible as the investigation continues.

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