Alert Day Update 9.25.18

Alert Day Update

Main focus will be on the next 18 hours.

Flash Flooding

This is the main concern for areas along/east of I-65 especially. The ground is nearly to the max so even one thunderstorm can push us into flash flooding status. This can happen rapidly (hence the “flash”) so please stay close to the WAVE 3 Weather App for updates for heavy rain that will automatically hit your device based on your location.

1-2″ of rain is looking quite likely with isolated higher with thunderstorms. Amounts look to be a bit lower west of I-65.

Severe Thunderstorms

The best wind fields are to our north but the best “fuel” is over our region. This means we aren’t looking at a widespread severe weather event later today/tonight, but a few warnings will be possible. Damaging winds will be one issue along with a low-end/brief tornado potential.

Even if the wind gusts stay sub-severe (58 mph), gusts of 40-50 mph can down trees with the current wet ground in place.


Expect an increase in downpours/thunderstorms as the afternoon unfolds. They should pop west of I-65 first, then drift east into the evening. We will run the risk for downpours into the overnight as well with a continued flash flooding risk. The cold front will finally move in just before sunrise to dry things out west to east. Finally.

The video will cover all of this in more detail.

Stay close for more weather updates!

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