Local singing group Linkin’ Bridge sues former manager

Local singing group Linkin’ Bridge sues former manager
Linkin' Bridge gained popularity when they made it to the finals on America's Got Talent. (Source: NBC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The acapella group Linkin' Bridge, from Louisville, is now suing their former manager, comedian Tom Mabe.

Linkin' Bridge gained fame making it to the finals on America's Got Talent on NBC in 2016. At the time, Mabe was representing them.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Jefferson Circuit Court.

Linkin' Bridge sues former manager

The members fired him earlier this year, but they claim Mabe is still using the group’s image and likeness, and has refused to release contact information for potential clients, or turn over the group’s Facebook page or website.

“It’s the primary source of bookings for the group -- Facebook page and website," Linkin’ Bridge’s attorney Brian McGraw said. "So if someone wants to book them for a concert they have to go through Tom Mabe. So he’s saying despite the fact their relationship is over you have to still work with him.”

The members of Linkin’ Bridge include Montre Davis, Jeremiah Buckner or “Ekoe Alexanda,” Shon “China” Lacy, and Ralph “Big Rome” Kimbrough.

Mabe told WAVE 3 News that if he’s contacted about a potential gig for Linkin’ Bridge, he forwards the person to their attorney.

“The reason why I own linkinbridge.com and the Facebook page is because Linkin’ Bridge is a band that I formed and held auditions for,” Mabe said.

He said after the Trayvon Martin case he came up with the idea to start the group.

The members of the group also said they haven’t been provided with financial records.

Mabe said he can’t provide that because the members have not told him what they have earned and that he is still owed 15 percent of their earnings based on the contract the members initially signed with him.

Linkin’ Bridge members are seeking control over their website and Facebook page and punitive damages of an unspecified amount.

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