PRP Fire looks to add ambulances to help Metro EMS

PRP wants its own ambulances to cut wait times for residents

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Pleasure Ridge Park Fire District wants to expand their services to help the people who live there.

At a meeting hosted Tuesday by Metro Councilman David Yates (D-District 25), PRP Fire Chief Doug Recktenwald told a group of 70 PRP residents he wants to add three ambulances that PRP fire would staff and run.

“Louisville metro won’t move out of PRP, they’ll still be a portion of that," Recktenwald said. "We’re just hoping to help them.”

Metro EMS sees thousands of calls every year and the number is increasing each year.

“Our run time has decreased because there has been an increase in calls -- about 32% -- so we’re trying to make sure we have more people out there, more ambulance drivers, new recruit classes,” Yates said.

According to Chief Recktenwald, in 2017 there were 13,000 calls for service within the PRP fire district.

“(We want) to take some of that burden off of Louisville EMS because their call volume is well over 120,000," Recktenwald said. "We’re a small portion of that, but for this area that’s a big number of incidents. So we’re trying to augment that system and roll straight into it and be a part of it and assist them.”

Recktenwald said the three ambulances would be paid for by fire district funds.

The money would come from a tax increase for those living in the fire district. The increase would be 5 cents per $100.

Recktenwald also said when the initiative starts and they respond to homes in PRP, the fire district would bill the patient’s insurance company, but not make patients pay the difference as long as they live in PRP. If patients do not live in the PRP neighborhood, they would have to pay the difference.

PRP Fire wants to help Metro EMS with the amount of calls they get.

“If they’re tied up because of other runs throughout the entire metro area, we want to have the ability to place a patient in an ambulance and transport them,” Recktenwald said.

Chief Recktenwald said he doesn’t have a set timeline on when the initiative will officially begin, but he wanted to let people in PRP know ahead of time.

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