Silver Dollar: Restaurant altercation turns into case of conflicting stories

No injuries reported at popular Frankfort Avenue eatery

Silver Dollar: Groups point fingers at each other after bar confrontation

UPDATE: LMPD provided officer body-camera video of the interviews with the parties involved in the confrontation. That video is now embedded at the bottom of this page. Some language could offend our viewers.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police interviews with parties involved in an altercation at a popular Frankfort Avenue restaurant are yielding conflicting stories.

Video circulated on social media of a man yelling politically-charged threats at a group dining at the Silver Dollar restaurant Thursday night.

“Take your little ****ing Commie-ass bull***t somewhere else,” an unidentified man shouted at one point.

WARNING: The video below contains language that some viewers might find offensive.

Video shows man shouting vulgarities at restaurant patrons

The Louisville chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America were meeting at the Silver Dollar, and said on Facebook that the man who was yelling from the sidewalk and his acquaintances were white nationalists.

Tonight our members were attacked by white nationalists while meeting in a restaurant. Nobody was seriously harmed, but...

Posted by Democratic Socialists of America - Louisville on Thursday, September 27, 2018

But once LMPD officers arrived and interviewed the group of diners as well as those accused of yelling at them from just outside the restaurant, police had another side of the story to consider.

“The white-headed dude rolled up on me with a f***ing glass, acted like he was gonna hit me in the face with a glass, and I said, 'If you do, I’m gonna knock you the ***k out,” one of the accused men told police in an officer body-camera video that was released to media late Friday afternoon.

The group of diners said they were sprayed with pepper spray, but one of the accused men denied that to officers.

“If anybody sprayed anybody, they sprayed us,” the unidentified man said.

A restaurant employee also gave a statement to the LMPD officers.

“When I did come out, everybody that was at the table were just sitting down talking to each other and then some of the customers started screaming through the window, saying, ‘F*** you, everbody sitting down you’re a bunch of homemade pansy b***hes if you can’t come out here and fight me ... you’re just ****ing sitting there,’" the employee said. “My front-of-house manager walked between the tables and asked (the men outside) to leave four times and then somebody pepper sprayed the table."

Another employee said the accused men had ordered drinks inside the restaurant before they made their way outside and allegedly began shouting their comments.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

Watch the LMPD body-camera video below. The interviews begin just after the 3-minute mark (Story continues below the video):

LMPD body cam video released showing response to Silver Dollar

Louisville DSA representatives said the men seen in the video verbally attacking them are associated with the Three Percenters, but a Kentucky Patriots III% representative said the chapter was not aware of the allegations.

Metro Councilman Bill Hollander said in a social media post, “I’ve got news for all white nationalists and the people harassing and attacking people at the Silver Dollar. District 9 is not ‘your area.’ It will never be."

Restaurant owner Vanessa Cantley said she is gathering information necessary to file a criminal complaint. In a written statement, she added, "Every guest eating peacefully at our restaurant or anyone else’s deserves to feel safe and be free from physical attacks.”

LMPD spokesman Lamont Washington said that since none of the officers witnessed the incident, a report was taken, but no arrests were made.

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