Make it a Goode Morning! 10.5.18

Make it a Goode Morning

Overall, the weather is going to be on ‘rinse-and-repeat’ over the next several days.

Rainfall chances are highest today (and even then, roughly 30%) before they start to ease down to lower chances into the weekend. Just keep in mind that with this much moisture in the air, we cannot go with a completely dry day as it wouldn’t take much to get a couple pop-up downpours. Having said that, most of you will stay dry and just plain hot.

The biggest forecast challenge I see is when does the high pressure in control of this summer pattern...surrender?

The models say next Thursday into Friday. And while that may be the way to trend, high pressure like this one tends to hold on longer that what computer models suggest. I do think it is fair to say we will start to see an increase in clouds and rain chances by the end of next week which will induce cooler weather...but not exactly less humid. Not yet.

In fact, we need to watch the Gulf of Mexico over the next 7 days as a system developing there may impact parts (if not all) of WAVE Country at the end of next week and/or that following weekend. It would AFTER that system that I see some good autumn air pushing in.

As today’s video will cover, the second half of October is going to be a busy one for us with some wild weather swings at times.

See you guys Sunday!

Make it a Goode Morning!

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