Waterfront Park to move west in 22 acre expansion

Phase IV of Waterfront Park includes 22 acres of land to expand the park west of 10th Street

Waterfront Park begins Phase IV of expansion

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It’s a $35 million project. Phase IV of Waterfront Park will expand the park west of 10th Street.

A conceptual master plan has been created, showing plenty of green space, landscape architecture, park spaces and improved connections to streets and roads. The site includes 22 acres of land north of the flood wall.

River Road is also expanding, to connect West Louisville with Downtown, and improvements are planned for the river walk.

“It won’t be a repeat of anything that is currently in Waterfront Park,” Deborah Bilitski, with Waterfront Development Corp. said. “It’s going to have a lot of exciting things that will really draw people into phase four that we don’t already offer in Waterfront Park.”

An observation pier will offer a view of the city and space for events and concerts. An exercise area includes a playground, climbing area and space for public classes.

One local business owner welcomed the expansion and proposed improvements.

“Come on down to the west end, come on down with these programs, come on down with these programs that are needed to uplift our kids,” Khalid Raheem, a martial arts instructor, said of the expansion.

For Raheem, who owns The Arabian Federation Martial Arts Academy on 28th Street, the location of Waterfront Park Phase IV is important.

“The kids won’t have to travel as far to get peace,” Raheem said.

Raheem plans competitions for his students in different states, but said teaching class at the park would be a nice field trip.

“It gives me hope that they are coming this way,” Raheem said, referring to plans for development.

The renderings are impressive and show the waterfront from east to west as one cohesive park.

“We have a master plan which is highly conceptual, but there is still plenty of opportunity for the public to give us input on how we can make this the best park for everyone,” Bilitski said.

The park itself is a while away and Waterfront Development is fundraising. They plan to start working after MSD finishes a tunnel project in 2020.

“I think this is all very exciting it’s all going to be done in the highest quality,” Bilitski said.

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