Homeless residents take WAVE 3 News inside camp

Inside a homeless camp: What life is like

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - You probably drive over the interstates and have no idea what is going on underneath.

Under many city overpasses in Louisville are homeless camps. One camp that is very large is right under Interstate 65 at College and Brook Streets.

People driving by do a double take because of what they see. Trees along the side were cut down making it all the more visible.

Two homeless people took WAVE 3 News reporter Maira Ansari inside the camp. People are living in tents. There are couches, mattresses, random furniture, clothes and trash everywhere. What little the people at the camp have, they are fighting to keep it with them.

While WAVE 3 News was at Brook and College Streets, two men were seen fighting in the street under the overpass. The homeless men who spoke to WAVE 3 News said the two men fighting were not residents of the camp, but people who lived there came out trying to break up the fight.

One of the homeless men told WAVE 3 News that he lost his job, has no family or money, and landed on the streets.

“It’s terrible, awful, miserable, I wake up every morning wanting to die,” the homeless man said. “We don’t have anywhere to go.”

On Monday, the city cleared up a nearby homeless camp that was located at First and Jacob Streets. People living there had been given a 21 day notice that they would have to leave.

Councilwoman Barbara Sexton-Smith came out to the camp at College and Brook Streets on Monday. She said she spoke to several people living here and asked them to clean it up.

Sexton-Smith is hoping to connect them to services they need. Right now, the city has not issued a 21 day notice for a clear out at Brook and College.

About 30 people live at that camp.

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