Sen. McGarvey: Educators seeking public office have good chance of winning

Teachers turn protests into campaigns for state office

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The 2018 election is almost here and local educators fed up with current politics are stepping up to be heard in government.

With 24 teachers on the ballot for the Kentucky House of Representatives and eight on the ballot for state senate, a record number of Kentucky teachers are seeking public office.

That number only includes full-time, current teachers and doesn’t include write in candidates.

"This has been building up for a long time,” Sen. Morgan McGarvey (D-Louisville) said.

Controversy over pension and education reform is responsible for igniting many of those campaigns.

“How can we be surprised that they’re angry? They should be angry,” McGarvey said. “What’s impressive is that they’ve decided to rise up and put their name on a ballot and campaign to make real change in Frankfort. So I say, ‘Go get ‘em.’”

Their motivation was furthered by recent comments from Gov. Matt Bevin knocking teachers who protested at the capitol instead of showing up to school.

McGarvey has confidence that educators will come out on top when the public votes Nov. 6.

”I think you’re finally going to see a real commitment to public education from the legislature,” McGarvey said. “Teachers get it -- they’re in the classroom, they see the problems and they see the benefits in a real way they’ll bring that understanding to Frankfort. And I think you’ll finally see a value to public education come out of the state legislature that’ll improve things in the state for generations to come.”

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