IN dad says he found mold in Capri Sun

IN dad says he found mold in Capri Sun
The father opened the juice pouch and poured it into a glass. This is a screenshot from the video he recorded of what he found. (Source: Cameron Hardwick)

COLUMBUS, IN (WAVE) - An Indiana dad said he made a disturbing discovery inside a Capri Sun pouch.

WRTV reported that Cameron Hardwick was about to give his 3-year-old a Capri Sun to drink, but he noticed that one pouch didn’t feel quite right. It was lighter than the others. So he cut it open, poured it into a glass and found what looked like mold.

He videotaped his discovery, posting it on Facebook on Sept. 24. He also contacted Kraft. The company picked up the pouch and later identified the substance he found as mold.

“I just wanted to make other parents, grandparents aware of the issue so that they can make their own decision whether to purchase the product," Cameron Hardwick said. "It’s not an effort by any means for me to get something from Capri Sun or Kraft or get attention out of it -- it was just to get awareness of what’s out there.”

The company said a microscopic hole can create the problem and that’s why they created clear bottom pouches so consumers can check the product before drinking it.

Kraft said it has invested millions in packaging and quality to make pouches stronger and more resistant to air leaks.

There have been other stories about parents finding mold in Capri Sun pouches. The company even has a Frequently Asked Question section on their website about it.

Consumers with questions can call 1-800-227-7478.

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