Five Questions on the National Association of Women Business Owners

Five Questions on the National Association of Women Business Owners

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Have you ever heard of NAWBO? It stands for National Association of Women Business Owners. And the local Kentucky/Southern Indiana Chapter represents the fifth largest organization of its kind in the country.

On Tuesday, Oct. 16, NAWBO is hosting its Symposium for the second year in the row.

This year’s symposium will feature keynote speeches by Alli Truttman, the Founder and CEO of Wicked Sheets, and Lori Cheek, the Founder and CEO of Cheekd, an online mobile dating app. Yours truly will serve as the emcee for the day. In addition, attendees are invited to attend breakout sessions on a variety of issues.

The event will be held at Bellarmine University’s Rubel School of Business.

For information on how to register, click or tap here.

Molley Ricketts is the Symposium Chair.
Molley Ricketts is the Symposium Chair. (Source: Provided photo)
Jesika Young is the President of NAWBO KY.
Jesika Young is the President of NAWBO KY. (Source: Provided photo)

Here are my five questions with Jesika young, the President of NAWBO KY, and Molley Ricketts, the Symposium Chair.

1. How is NAWBO important to helping women build a business?

It is not only helping women build businesses, but also helping women get a seat in the board room, in leadership positions, and in the “C Suite.” NAWBO propels women by providing education, connectivity, access to capital and resources. We proudly serve a community base of women (and men) throughout various stages in the business life cycle.

2. Tell me about the growth of women business owners today.

Women owned businesses are the fastest growing segment in the economy -- now reaching over 12 million strong. Women are now more equipped than ever to succeed. It was just 30 years ago a woman needed a male co-signer to get a business loan or credit card. NAWBO drove the legislation that removed that requirement, including opening up the Women’s Business Council and Resource Center! Legislation HR: 50/50 the 1988 Women’s Business Act was signed Oct. 25 with NAWBO leading the way!

3. What do you think are some of the biggest challenges women business owners face today?

Access to capital continues to be an issue, women are also not represented in the board room -- there is a huge discrepancy and women are just under represented. NAWBO continues to provide education and resources to get women those resources and equip them with the education necessary for them to succeed.

4. What will attendees leave the symposium with?

If you’re just getting started, you will be able to reach out to find experienced women eager to help you get your business running. Come willing to learn and you’ll leave with contracts, practical tips and lots of inspiration. (As well as) the beginnings of stretch goals to build new skills and your sights on a new horizon. If you are considering the next phase of your business journey, you’ll see how rewarding it is to reach back and mentor others.

5. What are some of the highlights of this year’s symposium?

An exclusive NAWBO Kentucky program, the Business in the Bluegrass Symposium, meets you wherever you are in your business life cycle … and gives you the resources and support you need to reach for more. You will be able to engage with our two amazing keynote speakers -- QVC & Shark Tank veteran speakers. Also, eight dynamic leaders will discuss lessons learned, moving forward and reaching for more.

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