Make it a Goode Morning! 10.12.18

Make it a Goode Morning

How about them 30s this morning?

Finally some chilly air to help the weather match the calendar for once.

While the chilly air is expected to stay for awhile, the rain chances will come and go.

And one of them is...tonight.


Expect a wave of light rain and/or showers/drizzle to pass through west to east. It will be a chilly rain with temperatures in the 40s.

It looks to clear just in time near sunrise for some patchy frost again north.

Saturday looks dry with filtered sunshine at times. Cool highs in the 50s.


Next wave moves in early in the day. The question for this one is the track. This is the energy from former tropical system “Sergio”. The models are still varying on how far north it will travel, but it does seem to like southern KY/TN better than IN at this point. Stay tuned for updates on this forecast.


Another wave moves in. This one looks stronger/heavier. Some to our south could pick up more than 2″ of rain. At this time, it appears our KY counties would range more in the 1-2″ range and even lighter north. Expect temperatures to remain steady from Sunday night into early Monday (50s) then drop into the upper 40s by Monday afternoon! Brrr!


The Monday wave is the one to watch for more frosty mornings next week and perhaps one that could end the growing season in some spots. Maybe.

The video covers all of this plus some new data toward Halloween!

Make it a Goode Morning!

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