Kids find, use their voices at Hip-Hop Summit

Hip-Hop Summit encourages kids to find, use their voice

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Hip hop music has a huge influence on many students in Louisville. Because of the connection, JCPS is implementing programs that use hip hop to help kids learn and they want the community to see how it works.

If you've ever been to Wheatley Elementary School in Louisville's California neighborhood, Nyree Clayton-Taylor's classroom is one that kids talk about. It's kind of like a music studio, she's the executive producer/teacher.

"I use it as a form of empowerment," Nyree Clayton-Taylor said. "How are you going to change your community? How are you going to change what is going on around you? How are you going to change what you think is wrong in the classroom".

Clayton-Taylor created the Informative Reading through Artistic Performance, or iRap program, a literacy program that exposes students to different modes of reading and writing. Clayton-Taylor says it gives students the opportunity to have their own voice.

JCPS to host second Hip-Hop Summit for teachers, students and parents

“This is what I want my students to take with them, he who holds the pen controls their narrative,” Clayton-Taylor said. “I want them my students to control their pen. It’s them being engaged and they want to learn and want to read and it putting those avenues in front of them.”

This week parents, community members, teachers and hip hop enthusiasts are encouraged to attend the Hip-Hop Summit.

The Hip-Hop summit will take place on Thursday, October 18
The Hip-Hop summit will take place on Thursday, October 18 (Source: JCPS)

“If we are talking about being multi culturally competent, we have to recognize there are other ways of learning and experiencing the world,” UofL Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmad Washington said.

Dr. Washington, says the classroom needs to change because the world is a different place than it was years ago, he hopes the upcoming hip hop summit will change some minds.

"Radically transforming the way that we teach in the classroom and JCPS and how we prepare future teachers and future counselors and future administrators in the college of education at the University of Louisville," Dr. Washington said.

The Hip-Hop Summit is taking place Thursday, October 18 at The Academy at Shawnee 4:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m. For more information click here.

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