Make it a Goode Morning! 10.16.18

Make it a Goode Morning

Overall, the pattern is a dry one over the next 10 days with the only decent rain chance showing up for this Friday evening.

The main weather features will be the cool shots that will bring us to frost/light freeze levels at times.

Our best chance?

Thursday morning. This is when the wind speeds look low and skies look to be clear. Good radiational cooling setup. Even parts of the Louisville Metro will be in the frost zone. A light freeze is possible in some of the more sheltered/typical cool spots.

Next rain chance?

Friday evening. This looks to be a wave of light rain late Friday into early Saturday. Dry air looks to funnel in just in time for a decent looking Saturday. The cold air behind this front will lag a bit, but it will arrive by early Sunday and stick around into Monday morning. The models have backed off a bit on the depth of cold air, but we could still find ourselves at frost level. Wind speeds and passing clouds will determine this.

Next week:

Much more active to our south and east with the potential of one or two east coast storms developing. We will need to watch this pattern carefully next week. This looks especially true toward that last weekend of October.

The video today will cover that issue in more details. Make it a Goode Morning!

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