Fort Knox to take entire post “off the grid”

Fort Knox to take entire post “off the grid”
Fort Knox will go "off the grid" on Wednesday as part of an exercise to show the base can be completely independent of external power.

FORT KNOX, KY (WAVE) - Fort Knox is taking the entire post “off the grid” to demonstrate its capability to operate completely independent of external power during a test of its Energy Security Program on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

The demonstration is being conducted in accordance with Army Directive 2017-07, which outlines Army requirements for energy and water security to enhance the resiliency of Army installations. The primary goal of the directive is to ensure all Army installations are capable of operating critical missions by providing necessary water and energy for a minimum of 14 days.

Fort Knox is able to convert natural gas, extracted from underneath the installation, into electricity at power generating sites here. This process, in conjunction with diesel power generation, allows for the production of more than enough energy to power the entire post – when needed – to reduce energy costs, ensure continuous operations of installation and global missions, and eliminate dependency during widespread power outages on external power companies. Fort Knox is currently the only installation with this level of energy autonomy.

Outside of periods of emergency use, Fort Knox utilizes the generators to produce its own power when energy demand strains power plants outside the post and premiums are at their highest, resulting in a savings of about $10 million annually.

The project was originally conceived to address mission readiness issues experienced in 2009 when an ice storm left Fort Knox, and much of Kentucky, without power for several days.

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