Make it a Goode Morning! 10.25.18

Make it a Goode Morning

I’m back!

And yes, I continue to work on the 2018-2019 Winter Forecast...due out Halloween night.

Having said that, our weather is going to become quite active over the next couple of weeks. It is almost like winter is wanting to distract me.

We have (2) main waves of rainfall over the next few days to monitor...

1-- Arrives tomorrow. Dry air will limit how quickly it starts in the morning and then limits the intensity for later in the day. This process should also allow for a slight drop in temperatures from the lower 50s in the morning to upper 40s in the afternoon. Nothing dramatic, but it will be quite a nasty day.

2-- Arrives Sunday. This rain appears to be a bit heavier than # 1. Even some thunder possible. The timing would also mean Saturday will likely be our “break day” in the middle of these two.


A warm up will kick in toward Halloween, but then after that...the pattern gets downright ugly. There are many questions on how October ends and November begins.

Let me put it to you this way, you don’t want to miss today’s video :)

Make it a Goode Morning!

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