Father, son pulled over by police who mistook them for the Kroger shooter

Man and son pulled over, mistaken for Kroger shooter

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - "We were just so happy to get out of the Kroger lot only to walk into that hornet’s nest,” Lucius Morrow said.

Many people coming in for groceries or headed to work at the Kroger found themselves right in the center of Wednesday’s shooting. A man and his son on the way to the grocery store were in the midst of the action when police officers pulled them over and out of their car, mistaking them for the shooter.

Lucius Morrow was running a few minutes behind to pick up his son Chandler, 13, from school. They were pulling into the Kroger parking lot to pick up groceries for dinner, just like they do a few times each week. Before they got out of the car, they saw a woman telling drivers to stay away because of the shooting.

Morrow said he saw a man with a gun who did not appear to be the suspected gunman in the parking lot, so they pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road.

“So we pulled out of the Kroger parking lot and make a right on Taylorsville Road,” Morrow said. “We were just so happy to get out of the Kroger lot only to walk into that hornet’s nest.”


They had barely gone 500 feet when suddenly they were swarmed by police, yelling and cursing at them to put their hands where they could see them.

“So all of a sudden, it’s ‘get your hands, show your hands,’ using all kind of crazy language," he said.

Police got them out of the car and started questioning them.

"He was like ‘did you just see him shoot the people and kill them?’ And I was like ‘no, we didn’t even go inside the store,’” Chandler Morrow said. “Then, I looked over and he was in handcuffs.”

(Source: WAVE 3 News)

Quickly after, a call on the police radio came in about more shots being fired at Kroger. Lucius and Chandler were let go as police were called away to find the real suspect in the shooting. The pair were left shaken about what happened.

“The chief of Jeffersontown Police, he called me last night and apologized. And I understand that they have a tough job and it was a crazy day. So I’m just glad we were able to get out without any harm to us. But I feel so bad for those families that lost their loved ones,” Morrow said.

He said they’re still confused because they didn’t match the description of the suspect or his car. But more than anything, he said they’re just grateful they’re okay.

“If I would have been at the carpool on time, we would have been inside there more than likely," Morrow said.

One day after that fatal shooting, he and his family are thinking of others who weren’t so lucky.

“We’re praying for the families of the people that were lost yesterday,” he said.

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