GCCS buses slide off roadway during field trip

13 students suffer minor injury when buses slid off road during field trip

HARRISON COUNTY, IN (WAVE) – Thirteen students from Jonathan Jennings Elementary School in Charlestown, Indiana were taken to the hospital after two of the three school buses carrying students to a field trip slid off the road in Harrison County.

The students were traveling to Squire Boone Caverns around 10:45 a.m. Friday for a field trip but they never made it.

The students taken to the hospital all had minor injuries and have since been released, according to Greater Clark County Schools Spokesperson Erin Bojorquez.

The cause of the crash appeared to be a combination of weather and a newly paved, oiled road, Bojorquez said.

Fourth grade student Mia Chmielewski was on the third bus behind the other two, she said what happened this morning was scary.

"All my friends were crying and I was really scared,” fourth grade student Mia Chmielewski said. “I didn’t want to cry because there were tons of other people crying and stuff. But it was very scary and I never thought this would happen, but at least I wasn’t in the crash.”

"We finally parked and I saw what happened. Then all my friends were freaking out and we got out and I was like oh my gosh. We were standing there for a long while and then ambulances came. Then a lot of other things happened and kids were hurt, nobody was really severely hurt I don't think,” Chmielewski said. “And our bus didn't crash so I was very, very lucky."

South Harrison Schools immediately responded to the crash, sending buses to pick up the kids and taking them to Heth-Washington Elementary School to use the facilities and eat lunch until they could be taken back to Charlestown.

South Harrison Schools' Superintendent Mark Eastridge said he’s proud of how his team jumped into action to help out those students after the crash. When something like this happens, Eastridge said, they’re not kids in another district - these are your kids and they needed to help out and make sure they were okay.

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