Make it a Goode Morning! 10.30.18

Make it a Goode Morning

Very busy 48 hour period of us...but we at least still have this afternoon to enjoy :)

It won’t be perfectly sunny like Monday, but some off/on sun breaks with highs in the 60s and a few 70s.

So let’s dive into how this Halloween mess will play out.

I will break it up by time period (just keep in mind we cover a large area, so this is for mainly the Louisville area)

Overnight/Early Wednesday

Windy at times. We will not drop much with that warmer flow...likely in the lower 60s all night. We could even rise toward sunrise. It looks to stay dry.

Midday Wednesday

A band of showers (some thunder) approaches from the west. It should be on Louisville’s doorstep by lunch. This will also be our “warmest” part of the day.

Wednesday afternoon into sunset

The band of rain/thunder will push slowly east to include much of WAVE Country. Those far SE will hold onto the dry air longer. The rain will be locally heavy in spots.

Wednesday evening/overnight

Periods of rain will “train” SW to NE across WAVE Country. This is where the totals really start to add up. We have been dry as of late, so the ground should be able to hold most of it. The wind will remain gusty as well.

Thursday morning

Heavy rainfall likely. Temperatures at their warmest of the day in the 50s. Still breezy.

Thursday afternoon

Heavy rain eases to more of a light rain/showers. Most areas will end up in the 2-4″ rain total zone with a few 5-6″ totals still on the table. Temperatures start to drop into the 40s. Even a slight wind chill factor.


Mostly cloudy with leftover showers east. Cool day. Another system will move in Friday evening but the rainfall coverage looks spotty/light at this time.

The video will cover this into more details PLUS the trend toward an Election Day storm system.

Make it a Goode Morning!

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