Weather Blog: NWS Conference Call 11-5-18

The conference call will begin at 2pm EST. Refresh this page for LIVE updates through the call.
Updated: Nov. 5, 2018 at 1:51 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Be sure to hit Refresh (F5) for LIVE updates beginning at 2pm EST. The National Weather Service in Louisville is having a media and emergency management conference call this afternoon to discuss tonight’s severe weather potential in the region. Timestamped updates are below.

1:50pm - The call will begin at 2pm EST.

2:00pm - The conference call is beginning.

2:02pm - Joe Sullivan and John Gordon from NWS Louisville will be leading the call.

2:03pm - This is a “classic November event” for the region with a lot of wind shear and not a lot of instability.

2:03pm - Storm Prediction Center is going back and forth on this event, having some of the in an Enhanced Risk but then shifted it back down south. John Gordon thinks the Enhanced Risk of severe weather will be moved northeast again to include areas of Southern Kentucky.

2:04pm - Folks south and west of Kentucky will likely see supercells, tornadoes, and an outbreak.

2:04pm - Storms that happen earlier this evening would weaken the instability and decrease the severe weather threat overnight. If the storms aren’t as widespread this evening, there would be quite a few warnings between 9pm and 2am. Should storms this evening be more widespread, it’d be a line of storms with 40-50 mph winds instead... not as bad.

2:05pm - Main threat will be strong winds. Winds could be as high as 60-70 mph south of Elizabethtown.

2:06pm - *IF* storms this evening are only scattered, storms overnight would be at their worst and spin-up tornadoes would be a real problem. The tornado threat is highest south of the Western Kentucky and Blue Grass Pkwys. Worst of the worst will be in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.

2:07pm - This won’t be a massive rain/flash flooding event due to the speed of the storms. 9pm-2am is the main timing for storms overnight.

2:07pm - If a Tornado Warning is issued, go to the lowest level of your home away from doors and windows.

2:08pm - Much cooler and calmer after the storms move through overnight.

2:08pm - Q&A session beginning. Southern Indiana questions first.

2:09pm - Now questions from folks west of I-65.

2:09pm - Now questions from folks east of I-65.

2:10pm - Eastern part of KY? How bad? South of the Cumberland Parkway in Eastern KY is under the worst threat tonight.

2:13pm - Would the tornado threat be extended to Richmond? Wouldn’t be surprised to see some Tornado Warnings in Tennessee that try to breach into the I-75 corridor of Kentucky early Tuesday morning.

2:15pm - Trimble County? Storm threat begins around 7pm, but severe weather potential is after 10pm, especially around midnight. Most of the action south of Trimble County, though.

2:16pm - Last call for questions.

2:17pm - The call has ended.

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