ESL students create websites to showcase Hispanic heritage in Louisville

Fairdale High ESL students educating others on native countries

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A class of ESL students at Fairdale High School created websites showcasing Hispanic heritage in Louisville.

ESL stands for English Second Language.

The class is led by ESL teacher Julia Brockman.

“I think because they are citizens or residents of the city, you know, they need to start learning to contribute, to give back to the community and I think it helps them to become better individuals and more successful in the future,” Brockman said.

Brockman said she tries to assign work that not only helps the students, but helps the community too.

The website project gave students a chance to learn about other cultures.
The website project gave students a chance to learn about other cultures. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

Each website focuses on a particular culture and how it is represented in the city. It provides the online visitors with living and dining recommendations and free resources to help with things like childcare and financial assistance.

Junior Christian Garces moved to Louisville from Cuba six years ago.

“I never had done this project so I took advantage to do this project right and give my opportunity of giving all everything I know about my country and give it to other people so they’ll learn the way that we do stuff here in Kentucky and in Cuba also,” Garces said.

He and his classmates know how difficult it can be to start over in a new country.

“They taught me about their languages, and their culture and they taught me a lot of stuff—a lot of stuff I didn't know before,” said sophomore Alli Hasan.

The websites created by the students have been listed below.

CUBA (Dairon Daisson, Eliannis Salas, Lirie Kameri) (Roxana Diaz, Lisbeisy Echeverria, Anthony Picos) (Maikel Hernandez, Maria Leyva, Neema Jeanine) (Manuel Riveron, Iman Alshuweily, Juan Perez) (Melissa Chacon, Murtada Alzirj) (Jonathan Moreira, Christian Garces, Isha Abdirahman, Danner Viamonte) (Claudia Herrera, Dalyanis Alfonso, Luis Suarez) (Maria Gonzalez, Soukiana Vincent, Juan Zayaz) (Yuniel Gonzalez, Qamar Mohsin, Maka Mohamud)

MEXICO (Yovani Fierro Ozuna, Sergio Saucedo, Edgar Salgado) (Julie Mendoza, Doruntine Berisha, Moses Paulo) (David Hernandez, Henry Hernandez, Miguel Cortez) (Yoselyn Abrego, Tovar Maria, Ali Hassan) (Aracely Ortiz, Sandra Mendez, Alex Cordova)

PUERTO RICO (Joshua Rosa, Olive Looka, Valdete Kameri)

VENEZUELA (Duarte Mendez, Fitim Kameri, Happiness Sadok)

HONDURAS (Jennifer Lopez, Tram Nguyen, Louise Sanganyi)

EL SALVADOR (Byron Lopez, Jose Montano, Kwibe Mlala)

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