SnowTALK! Friday Edition

SnowTALK! Friday Edition

Certainly a good taste of winter over the next 5 days.


Tonight: Isolated snow showers

Monday Night/Tuesday: Rain to snow setup remains


Tonight: Drier air will move in this afternoon to allow for the steady rain to ease to drizzle at best ...if that hasn’t happened for your location already. After sunset, the blast of cold air moves in along with a small piece of energy. This will have limited moisture with it but the cold air will try its best to squeeze out whatever it can. This means spotty showers will develop during the evening through 2am. They will likely start as a mix of rain/sleet showers then transition to snow showers. The city isn’t expected to drop to freezing until 1am or so. You combine that with the warm ground, no issues. Even for those away from the may turn colder quicker but the warm ground will be in your favor. I can’t rule out a very minor coating on roofs/cars in isolated cases. The bigger story will be the cold air as we see wind chills down into the teens tonight. BRRRR!

Monday Night/Tuesday: This system looks to be to be a bit split with a coastal low and an upper low moving into the mountains to our east. This would mean a quick rain to snow setup with the nocturnal timing Monday night favoring a transition to snow on the NW side of the upper low. The track of this feature is still varying on the models, but it does appear WAVE Country will be in that zone. This will not have a ton of moisture for our area but enough that some light accumulations can’t be ruled out. The concern with this one isn’t the amount but timing. Light snow at 30° at 5am is not a good setup for morning traffic. And that is what Tuesday AM is looking like as of now. The ground is warm now, yes. However, the cold blast moving in this weekend will help cool the ground down enough that it could mean slick spots for Tuesday. No need to get worried/worked up on this one. Just know we are treating it more of a morning commute impact issue than anything right now. It will turn very cold once its leaves with teens possible Tuesday night.

The video today will cover all of this plus a glance of the longer term as well.


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