Adding Your Organization to WAVE 3 News Closings & Cancellations

WAVE 3 News is committed to helping the community when the weather affects your school, church, organization or large business and you need to close or delay.

We verify and enroll every group into our closing and delay program for your safety. Please allow our staff at least 24 hours to complete your enrollment. Codes and passwords do not change so if you've already enrolled, you do not need to complete this form.

Because we can receive hundreds of closings, cancellations – not all will appear on TV. Schools, colleges, large businesses with more than 250 employees and government entities will appear on TV. Churches, smaller businesses, daycares and other organizations will appear online and may appear on TV depending on the situation.

All organizations will be available at and can participate in our closing and delays text message system.

NOTE: Please send each item requested below to via email.

  • Organization Name:
  • Organization County:
  • Organization Type: school, business,government, hospital, religious, business, non profit, preschools, daycare, clubs/groups
  • Organization Street Address:
  • Organization City:
  • Organization Zip Code:
  • Organization Phone:
  • Organization Contact Name:
  • Organization Contact Phone (cell phone preferred):
  • Organization Website: