SnowTALK! Monday Edition

SnowTALK! Monday Edition

Wintry weather will continue to tease us at times over the next 6 days before a warmer pattern tries to briefly take over.


Tonight/early Tuesday: Mix of rain/sleet/snow. Quite light.

Wednesday night/Thursday: Freezing rain/snow to rain or Freezing rain to snow.

Sunday: Rain or snow


Tonight/early Tuesday: We have already picked up sleet this morning with evaporative cooling taking place. We should experience more raindrops the rest of the day. Toward evening, we get colder again and get close to the frozen stuff. The coldest locations for such look to be across southern IN and along the Ohio River. The issue is that the amount of moisture around for anything to fall gets reduced. This means coverage will be spotty. There remains a risk for some outlying roads/overpasses to get cold enough toward morning for some slick spots. The city looks to stay above that threshold. This will be an hour/by/hour deal so make sure to stay close to our forecast updates as there will be more changes to come.

Wednesday night/Thursday: This one is interesting. Anytime I see an upper low “drifting” into the Ohio Valley, red flags go up. Upper lows are known to bring us some interesting wintry weather. The track is key and it will shift many times between now and then, so don’t get too locked in on any one idea weather friends. And there is no doubt, the track is key. If you along/east of its path, you run a risk for freezing rain/sleet at the onset (due to Arctic air already in place...though modifying a bit by this point). If you are west of its track, snow is likely. Heavy at times with banding features. As of now, the data is aiming for the center point of this path to fall between Evansville and Louisville. Which makes a difference in WAVE Country. I won’t go into much more detail than this as we are still lopsided with questions versus answers. Just certainly one to watch.

Sunday: This looks to be a potent wave streaking along front. Depending on its track and WHEN it streaks out, more rain/snow issues could develop. This looks to be a fast event so amounts look to be quite limited with this one. Having said that, a light wintry evening Sunday night would make Monday AM we need to watch it.

A warmer and more active pattern develops Thanksgiving Week but the timing of the systems moving across is still all over the place. Hang in there!


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