SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

It was nice to see snow around that doesn’t cause problems. So now we look to the next system to see how that looks to play out.


Wednesday night/Thursday- Mix to start, changing to rain then ends as snow.

November 27th: Potential for rain or snow.


Wednesday night/Thursday: Let me just stress now that anytime you deal with changing temperatures at the ground and aloft with wintry systems...nothing will go as planned. Weather models can only do so much and when comes to the very small details, they are not perfect. Having said that, we can at least get an idea of what the storyline is. In addition, we can apply this to what “normally happens” around here. If you consider all of that, you get the risk for some travel impacts in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday especially.

Low pressure will move south to north across WAVE Country. As it does so, there will be cold air working in from the west. The track will be very important as we will have to monitor two things with this one--- the temperature at the ground, the temperature above our heads. Both will be varying throughout the event which means different types of precipitation at different times. Or as I like to call it, stress.

Wednesday 8pm-2am: Rain moves in from the south. It will start to turn colder as well. The northern edge could start and stay as snow north of the Ohio River. Most of a mix of sleet/freezing rain along/north of the Parkways and rain south of the Parkways.

Thursday 2am-6am: Mix of sleet/snow north and west, freezing rain lingers across the Ohio River, rain south.

Thursday 6am-6pm: Mostly rain along/east of I-65, mix of rain and/or snow west and northwest.

Thursday 6pm-11pm: All precip ends as snow showers/flurries.

That is just a rough outline in terms of time periods. The Thursday 2am-6am one is the one to really watch.

The video will cover this more in detail.



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