Bevin: Zombies, abortions indicative of death-obsessed culture

Bevin cites 'zombies' and 'death-obsessed' culture on radio show

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin ripped into the American zeitgeist on talk radio Tuesday morning, describing and lamenting a culture that “celebrates death.”

Bevin made his comments while speaking to conservative radio host Leland Conway on NewsRadio 840 WHAS in Louisville, after he was pressed on the rash of recent mass shootings across the country.

“This has sadly occurred since the dawn of man, and it occurs using guns at times, and it occurs using any number of other methods,” Bevin said. “What I have said every time and what people get upset about, this is an indication of deeper cultural problems.”

Those problems, Bevin said, have manifested as a culture which “rewards things that celebrate death,” including zombie-centric television programs and abortions.

"Whether it's zombies in television shows, whether it's the numbers of abortions that we just indiscriminately think is just OK," he said. "These are drips, drips, drips on the stones of the psyche of young generations that are growing up in a society that increasingly says this is normal and this is OK."

Over the past three weeks, more than 20 people nationwide have been killed in a string of high-profile mass shootings, including two dead at a Louisville-area Kroger store. The events have reignited the gun control debate, a solution which Bevin vocally opposes.

“Every one of us has some collective responsibility for doing things differently and it’s not simply making new rules,” Bevin told Conway. “In Kentucky, we have long been defenders of the Constitution, all of it, including the Second Amendment, and I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Bevin, who in his 2015 gubernatorial race received an "A" rating from the National Rifle Association, has long advocated for mental-health solutions in lieu of gun-control legislation.

In February, Bevin told NPR that efforts to restrict access to high-powered rifles commonly used in mass shootings is a “naive and premature” solution. That comment came in the wake of two high school mass shootings in Florida and Kentucky that left a combined 19 students dead.

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