SnowTALK! Thursday Edition

SnowTALK! Thursday Edition

This was certainly an event for the books as an ice storm in November is very rare in our area. The warm ground helped for *most* roads but by far, the headline was the tree/power-line damage and outages. Roughly 100,000 customers in WAVE Country lost power (and some are still out).


This afternoon/tonight: Burst of snow showers will pass through.

Sunday night: Brief light rain may end as a snow shower

11/26 Rain to snow possible

11/29 Rain to snow possible


I discuss this ice event more on the video along with the comparison to 2009.

Let’s look forward.

The ice has left a cold layer near the surface. The city has been able to warm enough to melt decently but outlying areas will struggle above that mark with some slow melting. This is important as the upper low is about to pass over. This will bring with it a burst of snow this afternoon/evening. As of this post, 1″ or less (likely less) looks to be the trend for grassy amounts. We will need to watch the banding features and speed of the low itself for any “lingering”.

It would not surprise me to see another advisory come out for this snow as the models are still struggling with the low level cold and timing looks to be during the evening rush.

Light snow or not, the melting of the ice could refreeze overnight so be careful walking around outside! Treated roads will be fine.

We start to warm up Friday/Saturday.


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