SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

Nice break from our wintry pattern building in. I would enjoy it as our weather pattern will turn much more active as we move into December.


Next Monday/Tuesday- Rain to light snow setup with more snow showers possible Tuesday

11/30 Possible Rain to Snow

12/3 Possible Rain to Snow


The video attached today will cover some of the latest info when it comes to the new data trends for December-March. It is starting to appear that El Niño will have some, but limited, impact on our winter pattern. This means we will need to watch the pressures around other parts of the globe when it comes to the lovely “Polar Vortex” and jet stream patterns over the northern Atlantic. Both of which are starting to favor more of an impact for the eastern United States.

In the short-term, we will be warming up into Thanksgiving with a round of rain still on tap Friday night/Saturday.

The pattern becomes more amplified early next week with a series of systems that will lead to a complex forecast of rain to snow events. We will have to wait until we get closer in time to really pick those apart to understand any wintry impacts locally. It certainly has the potential.

Enjoy the video and talk soon!


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