SnowTALK! Friday Edition

SnowTALK! Friday Edition

Quick update today on how the next 7 days is trending as the weather will be active at times.

Still no signs of anything significant on the wintry side, and that is to be expected at this point.


Sunday night/early Monday: Rain to spotty snow showers/flurries

11/30: Wintry mix to rain

12/6: Rain to snow potential


The Sunday system will have quite a bit of energy with it, but not a great moisture return flow. This means most of this system will be the winter storm portion on its NW side. Some will get over a foot of snow in IA/IL/MO. Lucky dogs.

We will be on the warmer side which means a period of rain. Perhaps some thunder but instability will be lacking with this one. A more interesting note will be the temperatures this big boy will bring. The gusty southwest winds could help push us into the 65-70 degree range over parts of WAVE Country. The amount of sunshine before the clouds looks to be key on that range. One the front passes, we will face a strong cold wind with a significant temperature drop from the upper 50s down into the 30s in just a few hours' time. Cold enough for some of the moisture to change to snow showers pre-dawn Monday. Very little impact expected with the warm ground and very light/spotty nature of the snow showers. Of course, we will need to monitor the timing of such regardless.

Next week will feature a cold bubble right over us for a few days.

11/30 A wave will move in that could still take advantage of the cold air in place and start the precipitation off in frozen form. It should quickly go to rain. We will watch it.

A more significant system could develop during the first days of December. Too early to get specific, but this one looks to have it all, t-storms and snow. We just have to nail down where we fit into its equation as we get closer.

The video discusses the pattern trends still showing up.


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