Distillery celebrates small business support that helps it thrive

Support for independent, craft distillers is one of the driving forces behind the bourbon boom.

Small business support helps Crestwood distillery thrive

CRESTWOOD, KY (WAVE) - Support for independent, craft distillers is one of the driving forces the Kentucky Distillers Association notes is behind the bourbon boom.

Kentucky Artisan Distillery, in Crestwood, is among those celebrating that, along with its customers and their impact on the community this Small Business Saturday.

Much like craft bourbon, the manual, non-automated process of making it at KAD is a mash up.

On one hand, distillers claim it’s an art.

“Depends on the day, but it’s usually pretty good,” distiller Samantha Gerges said, joking about the bourbon she makes.

But Gerges said her labor of love can be just as much a science.

“Thermodynamics, viscosity – those are the two favorite words,” Gerges said.

The results, though, are always something uniquely local to Kentucky.

“When you’ve grown up here, you kind of know what the Kentucky bourbon taste is,” Gerges said. “That’s what were looking for.”

So, on small business Saturday, the deals offered up at the Kentucky Artisan Distillery are something those who work there said end up directly helping people in their community.

“People that are coming in and going through the bourbon trail, or the craft bourbon trail that we’re on, it is a good way for people to support local economies,” Steve Lose, a KAD tour guide, said.

The company also advertised special promotions and holiday gifts on its Facebook page asking shoppers to support local, independent businesses heading into the holidays.

That support for small businesses- and in turn craft production – is what the Kentucky Distillers Association said is driving the bourbon renaissance.

It’s also why Amy Howell, from Chicago, stopped by.

“I loved it,” Howell said. “I like that it’s a smaller family business. I like that they focus on the smaller batch. I enjoyed it all. I’m particularly a fan of the ryes.”

In her company are more than a quarter million people who visited craft Kentucky distilleries in 2017, according to the KDA.

An economic force helping small local economies continue to make a product they love.

KAD employees said the company is in the process of expanding to meet demand.

The Kentucky Artisan Distillery will also be participating in Cyber Monday.

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