SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

It will be a quick update today with the light snow showers keeping me busy this morning :)

Nothing like light snow events in WAVE Country.


Next Tuesday: Rain to snow (light) possible

12/9-10 Potential southern system to watch

12/12-14 Light Snow Possible


The WAVE 3 Weather App will handle the ongoing light snow issues. Looking ahead, we are facing quite the dynamic setup Friday-Tuesday with what looks to be 3 areas of low pressure passing through. This means timing will keep adjusting in the data and so will details such as high temperatures and any severe t-storm potential. So make sure to stay close to the updates coming this week.

Here is the breakdown as it stands this morning...

Thursday AM: very small window for anything frozen. Warm air aloft will be surging in. The question will be just how much cold is still at the ground level and do they overlap briefly?

Thursday PM: Light rain. Rising temps Thursday night

Friday: Breezy with rain showers.

Late Friday night/early Saturday: Windy and warm. Heavy rain. Thunderstorms possible. Strong wind gust threat.

Saturday afternoon: Breezy and potentially warm....even record warmth not out of the question

Sunday afternoon: Next system moves in from the south. Remaining warm. More heavy rain/thunder possible. Especially for KY.

Monday: Light rain as cold air lurks west.

Tuesday: Cold air arrives.


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